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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wild wild west

Most of us are familiar with the stories and history of America's Wild West. An era in the late 1800's where the territories west of the Mississippi River were a haven for the lawless. One Federal Court in Ft. Smith, Arkansas and 200 traveling marshals left the western frontier towns to deal with the outlaws on their own. Very much like today's cyberspace.

Federal and state laws are just beginning to address the wide open cyberspace territory. A new frontier where outlaws have free reign. Instead of guns some use their first amendment right to freedom of speech to terrorize. Outlaws running rampant assassinating character instead of life. Local enforcement (site owners) turn a blind eye not wanting to be held responsible. Trying to find someone in authority that will help is like setting out on horseback and traveling halfway across the continent looking for a U.S. Marshal back in the 1800's.

In the meantime, local townsfolk (users) are left to deal with the trash as best as they can.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Golden Bull

According to the definition of Bullshit is:

1. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.
2. Something worthless, deceptive, or insincere.
3. Insolent talk or behavior.

A Bullshit Artist is someone, usually suffering from an inferiority complex, who cares not a whit about truth or honesty. His only concern is with appearance and effect. His stories are designed to persuade his listeners (or readers) that he is sincere. He prances around like a peacock displaying his feathers. Look at me. I'm so smart. I have the inside track. I know inside information. Bull shit!!!

Not too many Clay fans don't know about one dedicated but grouchy Bullshit Artist who has dedicated himself to earning an M.B.A. (Master Bullshit Artist). For all his hard work at making an ass out of himself he should be awarded the Golden Bull.

Monday, July 24, 2006


They are what we use to communicate with each other. They are used to express our hopes, our wishes, our joy, our sadness, our love, our hate, our dreams, and our nightmares. Without words we would live alone in a silent world.

Words can soothe a troubled soul, turn sadness into joy, cause anger and hurt, or make you so happy you feel like your walking on clouds. Words can unite people or tear them apart. Words can build a person up or tear that person down. Words can be strung together to tell a story or write a song. Words can be beautiful or hateful. Make you laugh or make you cry.

Words have power, but that power lies within how the words are used. The words a person uses are a good indication of whether that person is filled with love or hate.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boggles the mind

It just boggles my mind that there are people who do not know me and yet they have set themselves up as judge and jury over what and who I like. They don't know what I look like, yet have decided I'm fat, old and ugly. They don't know anything about my personal life, yet have decided I am lonely. They know nothing about my faith or values, yet have decided that I am a right wing, homophobic, Christian conservative.
It truly boggles my mind.

Why aren't these people in some scientific study considering they are so all knowing. Surely those in the scientific community would love to investigate their supernatural powers and find some use for them that would benefit humankind. Then again, maybe they are not what they claim to be. Maybe they just like to hear themselves talk. Maybe they are trying to build themselves up by tearing others apart. Perhaps it's those in the psychological sector that should be investigating why it is that one person thinks they have the right to dictate what is good for another person. Last time I looked we had laws to protect the good of the community. Those laws were passed by majority vote.

So yeah, how I spend my free time and what I enjoy doing to me is no one's business. Guess I'm telling these know-it-alls to butt out.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Over our dead bodies!"

This blog is a little different. I'm sending you off to read someone else's blog. Believe me, it will be so worth your time. And Kit, thank you for the link. Chexxy nailed it.

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog

Friday, July 14, 2006


Be careful folks. The dreaded childhood "disease" of cooties is invading cyberspace. It is highly contagious and greatly feared.

The Clinton Administration Declared Cooties a Security Threat "This is not just a medical issue," Clinton said in a prepared statement."This becomes an issue of National Security, because, ever since the Kennedy administration, it has been U.S. policy not to negotiate with anyone that has Cooties."

The only protection against cooties for those who have not reached adulthood is to get a cootie shot. This shot can be self administered and is free so don't worry about medical coverage. All you need to do is draw two circles on your arm with your index finger, and then place one dot inside each circle while chanting "circle circle dot dot, now I've got my cootie shot".

If your the type that is afraid of shots you can always try making a cootie catcher and eliminating them that way. Our fellow blogger OhCrap gave these directions:

Get a piece of paper and make sure it's cut in a perfect square. If you have 8 1/2 X 11 piece of tablet paper cut it down to 8 1/2 X 8 1/2. Fold the paper in half and crease it good. Open it and then fold it in half the other way and crease it good.

Open it again to see the pie wedge shapes between the creases and then fold the wedges toward the center so you have a smaller square. Flip your smaller square over and fold the corners toward the middle so you have an even smaller square. The bottom of that smaller square will now have 4 openable flaps to slide your thumbs and booger fingers into. After you do that then smush all 4 fingers toward each other until the paper forms a peak. (If you can't do that easily then you need to take the fingers out and press the creases of the small square again.)

After you form the peak you can point your index fingers away from you and thumbs toward you at the same time then close. Now try pulling your right thumb & finger to the right and left to the left and keep going back and forth.

Unlike measles, mumps or chicken pox, however, cooties are completely imaginary so the very best way to avoid them is to just grow up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


If this weren't so sad it might be funny.

Remember the FTC "complaint" supposedly filed by 9 former fans who refused to identify themselves. Well "Groucho" was all over that like a fly on honey. He went on and on about it's veracity.

Today he says he's been served with a cease and desist order but says that since he can't identify who it's from it's bogus.

Quote: "We recieved a C&D threat from an obscure law firm in California this morning along with an acknowledgment of the reply we sent yesterday. The threat, made in sophisticated legaleze to our corporation AND Blogger, is unmistakable in it's intent but it is unclear to us who, precisely, is being represented."

He says he's out to expose bigotry and homophobia yet he says this..."At that point we will inform you who our adversary is and dive into our agenda of exposing Clay Aiken and the Claymates for the queer Wombats they are."

What makes one so different from the other? Why, it doesn't fall in with his line of hate.

Talk about being a hypocrite.

This part is too good to ignore.

"A new chapter has begun in the war against the vile, repugnant, vicious, Claymates. WimbletonCootie promises it will be informative, honest, intelligent, funny, and the Silver Bullet that ends the delusional, mean spirited, vicious, influence of Claynation once and for all. We swear this truth, will walk in it's wake, and piss on the Claymates dreams with a full bladder and a big smile."

Allowed post:
Anonymous said...
They all deserve to get cancer. They are mean, judgmental and cruel. I hope they all die of bone cancer. For you I hope for cancer of the eye balls.
11:33 AM

...and the rules?

"WimbletonCootie said...
We welcome everyones opinion and perspective. What we will not tolerate are: 1. Racist remarks
2. Homophobic remarks
3. Biggotry
4. Any tasteless, salacious, vulgarity made for simple shock value.
5. Revealing anyones personal information that is:
A. obtained illegally
B. is not a part of the mainstream consciousness
C. anyone who is NOT famous by standard definition."

Now this is a perfect example of do as I say, not as I do.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Pot stirrers

I just went reading another blog. I see we are still blessed with pot stirrers. Whether people like us or Clay or not I hope they wise up and realize when they are having their chains yanked.

Nobody is celebrating. All you hear is people breathing a sigh of relief.

Over the last three years we've dealt with our share of "insider" information. Some of it has been real and some of it was designed to create conflict. After a while it gets easier to figure out which "insiders" are nothing more than trouble makers and pot stirrers. This type thrives on conflict and where there is none they will do their best to create some.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

God spilled the paint.......

Nothing man can do could ever equal the glory of God's creations. May He be with you as you walk into the future and may peace be waiting there for you.

The east side of the Carrizo plain, in the Temblor Range, about 50 miles due west of Bakersfield, California. Photo taken by Barbara Mathews May 14. 2005

Saturday, July 08, 2006

''Liar, liar, pants on fire''

A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

From the time we learn how to talk we are taught not to lie.

Mom to kid: Did you eat the chocolate cookies?
Kid covered in chocolate: No Mommy, I didn't.

Wife in a non-flattering dress: Honey, does this dress look good?
Husband: Yes, you look great.

Then there's the time I came home from work to find the glass from my shower door all over the bathroom floor. What did my angels tell me? The dog did it. Years later they finally owned up to the truth. They were fighting in the bathroom and one pushed the other into the door.

Or my son telling his teacher that his homework wasn't turned in on time because it was in the back seat of my car, which had been set on fire. The fire part was true, the homework part not true. He just hadn't done it.

These types of lies are used to keep us from either getting in trouble or hurting someones feelings.

Regardless of the motive, lies are deceptions. Some we can laugh off, others destroy trust. Some are used to save hurt feelings, some we use to save our own skin, and some are purely destructive. I think that at one time or another most of us have told at least one lie. Where there is a problem is when you come into contact with someone who is a pathological liar. The problem is even greater when this type liar uses destructive lying.

What is a pathological liar?
"A deliberate liar knows he is lying. A pathological liar may not."
"The best lies, of course, are the ones that the liars themselves believe."

It may be that a pathological liar is different from a normal liar in that a pathological liar believes the lie he or she is telling to be true—at least in public—and is "playing" the role.

Liars' Brains Wired Differently
“Pathological liars can’t always tell truth from falsehood and contradict themselves in an interview. They are manipulative and they admit they prey on people. They are very brazen in terms of their manner, but very cool when talking about this.”

How can you tell if someone is a pathological liar?
"Obviously, they will contradict what they say. This will become very clear over time. They usually aren't smart enough to keep track of so many lies (who would be?)."

Friday, July 07, 2006

More Featured Creatures

The Electric Pickle - plug it in and watch it fizzle.

This person tried to make a pickle light up. Pickles are translucent, that's why you can see through them. This experiment only works because of the large amounts of salt and vinegar found in pickles. Be careful though, if your not well insulated the shock could kill ya.

Look what happened to this poor girl.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Last night, over 1000 fans were signed on to Clay Aiken's Official Fan Club having a go at guessing the acronym for his new album. Clay's blog has taken over 3 million hits. So much for the naysayers who said he was going to disappear. Nope! He's excited about the new album and his excitement is contagious. He's having fun with us having fun with him.

On just one message board, the thread about Clay and Ruben being at Kelly's concert has had close to 200,000 views. Clay was out having fun watching Kelly and we were having fun talking about it. Today there is a photo of him and Ruben on People On Line.

His new haircut made this weeks issue of US magazine too. Trendy do's for trendy male celebs. Yeah, our guy is a celeb. He came in #5 on ET's All-American Star poll.

Regardless of all this super star stuff, he's still just an ordinary, not too cool for school guy. Hockey games, concerts, dinner with friends and teasing his thousands of girlfriends, most of whom can't get enough. He said he misses us and I miss him. I've got lots of company there.

For those who are complaining that Clay is living his life as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened to him, don't worry. He will be back in the spotlight straight away.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Clay, Kelly & Ruben

I wasn't going to blog till after the 4th but this is too good to pass up. Three of my favorite stars...all together in the same place. Clay and Ruben at Kelly's Raleigh concert. Friends! Enjoying each others company. Respecting each other. Supporting each other.

How I wish that certain factions within the three fan groups would follow their lead and learn to get along. Fan life would be so much more pleasant without all the infighting that goes on.

Posted by Cats4Clay at CV:
Okay, folks, I may have my very first, official, new Clay item to contribute to the conversation. I was also at Kelly's concert tonight with my wonderful son, and we had a very nice and talkative security guard standing by our section, and he told us that he had heard a rumor that Clay Aiken might be a surprise guest singer tonight, but to not hold him to it, because this was only a rumor. We all know that did not happen, and I honestly took it with a grain of salt, anyway, but then he started talking again, and he said what he did know for a fact, because he saw it with his own eyes, was that Clay dropped Kelly off at the venue this afternoon. I also heard this same thing from two different security officers throughout the night, so I would pretty much think that this is true. When word was getting around that Ruben was in the building (Clay hadn't made his way to his seat yet), two girls behind us said that they were just entering a restaurant in Raleigh last night (sorry I can't remember the name), and that as soon as they got there their waitress asked them did they see Clay, Kelly and Ruben just leave. The waitress said Clay loved to eat there, and he took the two of them out to eat last night. I hate like crazy that I was on the total opposite side of Clay tonight (we were in almost identical seats, just in opposite sections), at least I knew I was breathing the same hot, sweaty air as he was, and that he was doing fine and enjoying a night out with friends. I love seeing his smiling face in that picture, and I'm glad that he was there tonight to support his friend.

95 degrees and approximately 13,000 people at the Alltel Pavillion.

I love Kelly's new hair cut.

Ruben is looking good waving to the crowd.

What a treat to see him with Clay.

Clay signing autographs.

Once the show started he was left alone to enjoy it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


We have a guest blogger today. My friend has written an article that's been published on Beavers On Idol and she has graciously shared it here with us.

By Shari Johnson

Being a fan of Clay Aiken, the singer and the man is complex at best. I liken it to a relationship, one you have when you are young and unafraid to put all of yourself out there, dive in head and heart first and enjoy the craziness of the ride. Remember those times? When you loved with your every fiber and being? And remember when you lost that love, and that ability to jump right in quieted down? Wait; don’t let me get ahead of myself.

I am not old by any means; I am a single mother in my early 40’s. I am unfortunately no longer “crush-easy-young” and full of promise without reservation. Those days have passed me by. I have now built up my walls and defenses. Getting hurt does that to you, you are supposed to “learn” from each step, and most times that “learning” adds protection along the way. I can no longer in good conscience see a man across the room, have him smile or wink at me, and then throw caution to the wind to see where that smile will lead me, if it was meant to lead me at all. Age empowers us, it allows us to know that we can’t follow every dream or smile, it isn’t practical, and the probability of it leading us anywhere good is minimal, so we smile back and go on with our lives.

But, sometimes, not often, but once in awhile (or once in a lifetime) there are things though that can take us by surprise, even with all of our walls up and all of our knowledge. We can see a skinny kid with thick glasses, red hair and freckles sing on a TV show, and it can turn our life around. As I see it, the ‘wall’ of the TV was enough for us to let our collective selves go and run with this boy through his experience. And why shouldn’t we? When he winked, he invited us along the ride. When his voice pierced through us, it reminded us of those days gone by when we could “fall” without reservation. And so we fell, and we fell hard. We forgot those days gone by in lifting this boy up and decided to carry this young man in a united way to win the contest and take our hearts to the highest of highs. And even though we were heartbroken at the time that he didn’t ‘win’ we soared with him anyway, we lifted him up, in our eyes, just as he had asked. THIS WAS THE NIGHT and only the beginning of many more to come !

We owed the boy so much. He awoke many of us from our Rip Van Winkle like sleep in the world of music and gave us back that reckless abandon of youth. Before Clay, we had, much to our despair started to ask the kids to, “Turn that damn music down!” Oh, we had become our Mother’s and Grandmother’s, as is supposed to be. But now we were awake, we were again vital and alive! Our kids were begging us to, “Turn down that Clay Aiken music, PLEASE!!” and we didn’t! We learned every word, we sang every song. We again bought Tiger Beat and Pop magazine, boldly! We ate up everything they fed us about this boy, this phenomenon that was Clay! We broke records. And so did he! One after another the obstacles fell before him and us. He was our collective “CRUSH” and we were his collective “LADIES” and every thing he did or said was just perfect. Just like it was so many years ago when we fell in “puppy-love” for the first time. Oh we were young again, to be free, to be in love, and to be loved in return. We, the fans, Clay, the media, all of us were sweet 16 and loving it!!

Clay could do no wrong. And we couldn’t get enough of him. We went to the internet, we researched, and we found details, minute little details. Every one of them was endearing and “cute”! Isn’t it always like that with a new love? He couldn’t dance well…but it is so cute that he tried! BRAVO! He was a bit shy, yet confident and striking…that is not only cute but downright sexy! BRAVO CLAY! He cares; he likes puppies and children….wow, so sweet and so cute!! How can you not love a guy that cares?? He cries, when he sees his friends hurt, he is man enough to show it….How cute is that? How could we not love him? He was allergic to foods, (all together now) AWWWWWW Poor Baby! We will fix that, no nuts near our guy!! The list goes on and on, and every single thing was cute, adorable, sweet, and unpretentious. Just like the new puppy love, we loved it all, we ate it up. It felt great, it was such fun!

Things went along this way, for awhile. Sure there were some that were embroiled in the fan wars, and even though they were ugly, hateful and non productive (I am not condoning this part of the fan-dom, it hurt many people, but that is another article all together) they still didn’t stop the collective “Clay Love Train” from riding along.

WOOOT HOOOT, All Aboard The Clay Aiken Train, it is coming to your town! When I got to my concert, finally, I couldn’t take my eyes off the young boy, the way he moved, the way he generated confidence and sheer joy, it was awesome! Every one around me saw the same thing, this boy was incredible, and there was no doubt about it. Then came the TV shows, and the boy was on fire. Our boy could do no wrong!! Then there was the album, and more promotion and TV! Clay was everywhere, and we were with him. There we sat; listening to the same story over and over and we ate it up. We had stars in our eyes; we tripped over each other trying to impress upon him how much he impressed us. Oh the ignorance was bliss!!

There were things only “WE” internet fans knew. Clack, ahh the glorious Clack, well hidden and those of us who were lucky and chosen were allowed to see. And those fans who risked life and limb (OK not life & limb, but Jerome, yikes!) to get this Clack were awed and given celebrity status, and they deserved it! Many fans have taken pictures and video that rivals any professionals out there. And the insiders, the ones that would leak information, give us snippets of what was to come. Oh how they had us eating out of their hands! The dry spells? Oh we had them, unfortunately especially us in the Western US States and those fans abroad (yes there are many, believe it or not). But the fan base, they found ways to help the other fans. One fan calls another, and then once the contact was established the fan at the show would leave their cell phone on for the entire show. On the other end, the fan listening would either write to other fans what they were hearing on a fan board or in a chat room. Some fans were even smart enough to organize voice chats, and they would play the concert via speakerphone to all those unfortunate fans, sharing the voice of the man that enraptured us all. Was the sound good, well of course not, but all the same those “cell-certs” were a unique and chill inducing moments that I again am grateful for and will never forget.

There are so many things that the fans began sharing, especially the love for the special man that inspired all of us in our own special way, Clay Aiken. Many of us wanted to so badly share with Clay how special he was what it was he awoke in us, how he brought us together to share lifelong memories and moments that we would never forget. Of the 10 thousand or so of us online, in the hundreds of fan sites, we all knew the odds of sharing our story with Clay or anyone even close to him was close to impossible. The next best thing was sharing it with each other, which we did often. From our own Concert or CD reviews, to the play by play of a personal meeting or TV show. Personal thoughts, feelings and fantasies were shared openly and we were safe to share them with each other. It was a community, all of us brought together by one single man on one TV show; it was surreal and unprecedented, to us anyway.

And protecting Clay? Well we did and if we didn’t, we most certainly wanted to protect him from anyone who didn’t “get” him. There were times we were passionate and fierce in our protection. The Mama Bears turned into Mama Barracuda’s protecting Clay. We couldn’t help ourselves, after all Clay didn’t care what age, color, height, weight or whoever we were, and we loved him for it! He liked us just the way we were, he was a gentleman when he spoke of us, and he always said he had the best fans out there! He appreciated us, and our efforts, but sadly after a few times of trying to enlighten those who were not blessed to see the man that we saw, collectively we saw that it was ridiculous to continue. Some of us would continue, but most of us would not. Those who didn’t get Clay were missing out, and we didn’t want to waste our time.

And then there were the friendships, I will never be able to say enough about the friendships! Oh how I especially needed the welcomed diversion from my real life! Not only the diversion that Clay brought, but the new friends! Oh, I hadn’t had so many new girlfriends since High School!! How I could miss being online with women that knew my every little feeling about this stranger, this collective boyfriend, without my having to say it? It doesn’t get any better than that!! I had girlfriends again, the joy, the silliness, all the ups and downs that come with girlfriends! Oh I wouldn’t take back a minute of it, not a single second. I don’t know if others would, but why would I? It was a glorious and ground breaking time for me, for us, for Clay, for everyone.

Then it began to trickle down, the rush and the newness of it all, that joy couldn’t last forever, it really never does. After the huge tidal wave of success we rode along with him, things began to slow down a bit. Every little story wasn’t new anymore, and hearing them again and again started to become boring. Hearing the same song was also getting old. I remember thinking, someone please ask him about anything else, and this is so old. I watched, I had a choice, I didn’t have to, but I did, but I began to grow restless. Even when this started to happen, Clay would find something new for us to talk and gush about. There would be a new song, a new show, a new tour, a holiday CD, in depth interviews, he wrote a book; the list goes on and on. Clay didn’t stay in one place for too long, he toured and toured and toured, he worked and worked and worked. Even when he was behind the scenes he gave us something new to talk about a lot of the time. This continued for a couple of years.

There was no specific time when the honeymoon ended between Clay and his “Ladies”. For some it hasn’t ended yet. But for many of us, the newness, the giddiness and the young love type of feelings have waned. It isn’t anyone’s fault really; I mean the love is still there, it just isn’t so “awestruck” anymore. Like any ‘relationship’ some of the newness has worn off. The show/story/song isn’t as exciting the second or tenth time you see it as it was the first. You know how all experts say that the first year of marriage is the hardest? After that year of bliss, well the little things start to annoy you. Funny, they didn’t bug you before, but now it just isn’t so endearing. Now, the internet fandom as a whole isn’t as happy anymore, and when we are, it is short lived. We know it can never be as it was, but that doesn’t mean that even the wisest of us isn’t disappointed when the feelings don’t come back as they were with each new sighting. And for that, we can’t help but feel let down, as our expectations have not been met. Who ever said we could have expectations? Well no one of course! That doesn’t mean we don’t have them. We miss him. We miss the excitement and promise that was and IS him. We aren’t used to going so long without him.

The very differences that made this relationship with Clay Aiken the singer, the man, so special and so invigorating was one of the very things that it was missing! If any relationship is to last, it must have an unconditional sort of love, or a partnership without expectations at the very least. And most importantly, a common desire for all parties in the relationship to make it work, no matter what. Not only one or two of those things were lacking, all of them were! None of us entered this “relationship” with our heads on straight! No one thought it would or wouldn’t last, we were just drawn into it, and for the first time in a long time we fans just went with the feeling. I know that I never in a million years thought that Clay Aiken or any kid from a TV show would reopen my heart to music, my passion for music and entertaining, or my feelings of “newness” again. I also don’t believe for a minute that a young man from North Carolina who waited in line for a TV show ever thought that his whole life was going to change, forever, in an instant and along with it, change the lives of so many people watching him. It was new territory for all concerned. The love is still there, the excitement is still evident, but it isn’t just “ours” anymore. It isn’t new. It isn’t shiny. It isn’t unique. And now it is no longer just a natural uncanny ability to touch us at our core. It is a business now, bottom line it is Clay’s job now. The very thing we wanted for him; great success is the very thing that keeps him guarded from all of us. It is a double edged sword so to say. What an irony.

Through the 3 years we have gotten to know and learned to love and respect Clay Aiken; the man, the singer, the entertainer, we must have come to know one thing if nothing else. Clay is unpredictable. And because of his unpredictable style he will continue to be an amazing worthwhile entertainer for as long as he wants to, and as long as we watch and enjoy him. He will not always wear what we want, or sing what we want, or even tell us his favorite color (wink) but he will always have his way of touching us in that way only he knows how to do. And no matter how tired we all are of waiting and no matter whom else we enjoy on the music scene, there will only be one Clay Aiken.

And no matter how many fans Clay gathers along his journey we will always be his “FIRST FANS” and he our “GUY” too. We will always have a special place in his heart, and he in ours. No one outside of us will ever really know of the connection that was, the connection that is, and the connection that will be. Even if we walk away, go on with our lives, find new and wonderful things to do and enjoy we will always know that voice, we will always remember that first time we heard it, where we were, how it felt, what he wore, etc. No one else has to understand; as long as we do it will exist.

No, people like Clay Aiken don’t walk into your lives everyday, and fans like his are truly once in a lifetime.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 4th

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.

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