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Monday, October 30, 2006

Escort service?

Funny thing is when you google escort service all these definitions for prostitution come up. Used to be a time when it only applied to females, but it seems that gay males can engage in the worlds oldest profession also.

The following statement was made by a gay male - does it sound like an ad to you?

"how did you meet a guy all the way out there?" What many of you ... are unaware of are the exclusive gay dating sites. These are sites that are reserved for men of stature looking for attractive, intelligent and athletic men such as myself. It's a very exclusive site where one has to be interviewed over the phone several times and then flown to either Dallas, Sacramento, Washington DC, Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago for a face to face interview. Once you are selected to be a member of this club you are matched with men that are a fit. Let me make it clear that it is NOT an escort site, but an exclusive site designed for men seeking a relationship with other men."

Then we have this little gem taken from a CNN transcript of their coverage on a murder trial.

"....a soldier stationed at Ft. Bragg. He was also a gay male escort."

"UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What types of service did you perform?"

"MALE ESCORT: Oh, wow. That's pretty broad. Basically it's a companionship for other males of legal age."

"UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you all actually discuss what you were going to do when you were to get together..."

MALE ESCORT: Yes, ma'am.

"UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And what were you all planning on doing?"

"MALE ESCORT: Having sex."

The authorities just busted a gay male prostitution ring being run out of Ft. Bragg, NC.

Is escort another word for prostitution? You decide.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Classics, Standards or Covers?

What's the difference?

classics: Belonging to the highest rank or class. Serving as the established model or standard.

standards: level of quality or excellence, especially a song or other piece of music that is very popular.

covers: commonly used to mean any recording of a song previously recorded by another artist.

Then again, it probably depends on who is doing the singing.

Rod Stewart releases an album of great classics.

Aaron Neville biggest selling new album is soul classics.

Paul McCartney performs all time classics.

Van Morrison has a classic album of old standards.

Bruce Springsteen does a collection of folk standards.

Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics is a modern take on vintage 20's, 30's & 40's

Clay Aiken sings covers on his new album. Covers when done by any other artist are called classics and standards.

Something stinks here, and it isn't Clay's music.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Waiting for the swamp rats

No sweat buckets for them.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Clive, Ruben & Clay - feeding the lions

Ruben Studdard has an album dropping today and a newly designed web site. I wish him all the best.

Since Clive Davis is the head of the RCA Music Group, under which both the RCA and J labels fall he's got the final say. Right? Then maybe he can explain what they were thinking when Ruben's biography starts out with this bit of subversive text.

"Studdard's post idol fame has been somewhat diminished by the fact that he has been considerably overshadowed by the runner up Clay Aiken. Despite not winning the formal contest, Aiken has gone on to be the most successful artist associated with the second season of American Idol".

It wasn't bad enough to force a cover album on Clay, now they have to put Ruben down by saying he's not as successful as his friend and fellow AI alumni. Are they deliberately trying to destroy two careers or are they employing people who are just plain incompetent.

While I'm in bitch mode let me ask this. How come Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart record classics and standards with glowing support from Clive but Clay records covers with nary a word? Aren't classics, standards and covers different names for the same era of songs? Ah, but covers has this negative connotation, while classics and standards has a positive spin.

From where I sit it looks to me like Clive Davis is feeding both Clay and Ruben to the lions.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Who's paying?

A while back John Paulus advertised on his blog that any male willing to come forward with a story about Clay Aiken would be paid $10,000.00 each.

Last night he left this comment for me and several other bloggers.

John Paulus
has left a new comment on your post "Blue-haired ladies": I just wanted to give you a little heads up. There have been takers for the $10,000 offer and other guys have come forward. I would be paying close attention in the coming weeks. ;-) Publish this comment. Reject this comment.

He left this comment for OhCrap.

John Paulus said... Oh crap it's not me that is paying the 10,000 for the story. I was just that facilitator. 10:11 PM

Now the question is, who is paying for this smear campaign? Who is paying the facilitator? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with a list of names of who might be paying. Who ever it is, they better start worrying about their facilitator outing them.

This blog seems to have struck a nerve. I'm being impersonated and made to look like I'm posting nasty comments on the hate blogs. NOT TRUE.

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