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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clay Aiken - This is the Knight

Clay made his Broadway debut last night in Spamalot. Reports from those attending the show indicated he kicked some serious butt and proved Mike Nichols knew what he was saying when he said "Clay is amazing, beyond that glorious voice. Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character. People are going to be surprised by his wide-ranging talent, since the first impression is of great country charm and a singer to remember. This guy is not only a star; he is a lot more. We're lucky to get him for 'Spamalot'!"

Monday, January 14, 2008

Clay Aiken & media games

Clay did an interview with Newsweek apparently to promote his upcoming role in Spamalot. According to Clay blasted the reporter while says he walked out. Neither site was there so not only do they not know the facts, they are doing some creative editing with the original article. Newsweek's reporter Ramin Setoodeh wrote "Clay Aiken is sore from rehearsing for 'Spamalot,' and now he's sore at us."

Celebrity bloggers are now adding their own spin by pulling out a few excerpts of the interview excerpts. One says he's feisty, another says he's a diva. The games these media wannabees play would be funny if they weren't so blatantly biased. But then, they are very aware that using the name Clay Aiken gets them hits and hits translate to money in their pockets. So they play their games.

There have been some very good interviews with Clay the past few weeks that were done with journalists that have integrity and take their jobs seriously. Too bad the sensationalist tabloid type journalists and gossip bloggers don't see any thing worthwhile in practicing serious journalism and reporting real news.

ETA: 01/14/08

I'm thrilled to see that the legitimate media, Associated Press, CNN, etc. are reporting on Clay's Spamalot roll and have left the trash out of their stories.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Last night I watched the debates on ABC. I normally steer clear of mentioning politics so all I'm doing this time is calling attention to a parallel I saw between Barack Obama and Clay Aiken last night.

I've watched various hate groups have a go at Clay over the past few years and wondered why. Last night, the Republican candidates had a go at Barack Obama. Last night, Hillary Clinton had a go at Barack Obama. Why? Because he won in Iowa. As John Edwards said, there were no attacks on Obama until he won.

Clay came out winning after AI2 even though he finished in second place. His sales beat out both Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard. So some of their more vengeful fans had a go at Clay.

Clay went to Mexico for UNICEF and helped them to raise over $100,000.00 at a time of year when money is scarce. So it was time for the green eyed monsters to attack once more. He debuts on Broadway on the 18th in Spamalot so one of the gossip bloggers, who I refuse to name, has to start up again with the negative comments. Another nameless blogger has to not only attack Clay but attacks his fans too.

Every single time Clay does something good, there are vengeful jealous types that have to come out attacking. Envy Green is not a good color to be wearing.


Friday, January 04, 2008

Change is in the air

Last night Iowa spoke. Early reports had the number of caucus attendees at 26o,ooo plus, much higher than their last caucus. Traffic jams, parking problems, buildings locked because they couldn't hold any more people - go Iowa.

People are sick of what's been done to this country over the past 8 years and they are speaking loud and clear. One guy who voted Republican his entire life switched his vote to Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, who won last night. Obama reached out to middle America, women, websavey young adults, men - every group you can imagine. Obama's numbers last night were better than Mike Huckabee's and that too speaks loud and clear.

As much as I like Bill Clinton, I just can't visualize him as First Husband. Given that Hillary Clinton was surrounded by Washington old timers her voice for change fell short of Obama's and Edwards.

Don't rule out John Edwards yet. North Carolina produced another 2nd place winner - Clay Aiken. How refreshing it will be to see two other young guys running clean campaigns and not putting each other down to make themselves look better. Two more young guys who stay focused on their path and their message no matter how much crap gets thrown at them.

An Obama/Edwards ticket in 2008 would definitely sweep out the old and bring in the change quite a number of us are hoping for.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Clay Aiken - gets his Christmas wish

Graphic by AmazingCA

Clay asked for help with UNICEF's fund drive for the children victimized by the flooding in Mexico. He got it. I had more fun watching the thermometer rise as the donations increased than I did watching the ball drop at midnight.

What a great way to end one year and welcome in another.

Happy New Year!!!

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