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Monday, February 25, 2008

Clay Aiken's Sir Robin - "not a debut for cowards"

The professional reviews are coming in and as Newsday's critic Linda Winer said in her Spamalot review the cowardly Sir Robin role is not one for cowards to play. Clay Aiken's fans already knew he was no coward.

He's also a team player as noted by Michael Kuchwara, AP Drama Critic, in his review of the musical comedy. Fans knew that too.

"But don't go expecting a star turn. Aiken is a team player — and that's meant as a compliment. The ingratiating performer fits seamlessly into the extended high jinks of "Spamalot," which has been running at the Shubert Theatre since March 2005."
After 3 years on Broadway, the entire cast has to be loving these reviews. With the addition of Clay, Christopher Sieber and Hannah Waddingham Spamalot is getting great reviews.

All I'll point out is that Ms. Winer missed the sight joke of the candelabra. The song is about having Jews on Broadway and the "candelabra" is a Jewish Menorah. But then, if your at all familiar with Liberace you can't see a "candelabra" on any piano without thinking him. It was a Liberace trademark.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A message from Broadway Cares

This email was received in response to complaints about the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids volunteer blogger who forgot to use common sense when blogging about the Sir Robin bear bringing in $17,000.00 for the BC/EFA auction.

From Broadway Cares:

Dear Friends:

I apologize for the careless and stupid blog that a
thoughtless BC/EFA
volunteer wrote after the Broadway Bears Auction on
Sunday, February 17th.

The $17,000 raised from the sale of the "Sir
Robin Bear" - that was signed
by both David Hyde Pierce, who originated the
role and by Clay, who is now
having great success playing the role - is one
of the highest winning bids made
from any Broadway Bear. Without question,
much of that success can be
attributed to Clay generously signing the bear.

Our misguided blogger should know how much BC/EFA appreciates Clay's
support - and I will make sure he does.

In 2004, we presented
Heather Headley in concert at the New Amsterdam
Theatre. Ten days before the
event, Clay graciously agreed to join Heather in
the duet "Can You Feel the
Love Tonight" from THE LION KING. Over the weekend
following the
announcement over $50,000 in tickets were sold, based strictly on
involvement. I was very grateful for Clay's support then, as I am most
appreciative of Clay's support now that he is starring in one of Broadway's
biggest hits, SPAMALOT.

I hope you will not consider this one blog
entry to be in any way
representative of BC/EFA's appreciation of Clay's
generosity and talents or the
incredible support of his fans. If I could ask
you a favor, I hope you will also
copy this, BC/EFA's official response,
onto the various blogs to which you sent
one person's unfortunate blog. It
will mean alot to BC/EFA, even more to the
people and organizations we
assist and let the thousands who enjoy Clay's work
know how much we
appreciate his support. I hope we can continue to count on

Tom Viola
Executive Director

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