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Monday, February 25, 2008

Clay Aiken's Sir Robin - "not a debut for cowards"

The professional reviews are coming in and as Newsday's critic Linda Winer said in her Spamalot review the cowardly Sir Robin role is not one for cowards to play. Clay Aiken's fans already knew he was no coward.

He's also a team player as noted by Michael Kuchwara, AP Drama Critic, in his review of the musical comedy. Fans knew that too.

"But don't go expecting a star turn. Aiken is a team player — and that's meant as a compliment. The ingratiating performer fits seamlessly into the extended high jinks of "Spamalot," which has been running at the Shubert Theatre since March 2005."
After 3 years on Broadway, the entire cast has to be loving these reviews. With the addition of Clay, Christopher Sieber and Hannah Waddingham Spamalot is getting great reviews.

All I'll point out is that Ms. Winer missed the sight joke of the candelabra. The song is about having Jews on Broadway and the "candelabra" is a Jewish Menorah. But then, if your at all familiar with Liberace you can't see a "candelabra" on any piano without thinking him. It was a Liberace trademark.

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Blogger WRU said...

You can't go wrong with Mike Nichols and he didn't go wrong in picking Clay.

March 03, 2008 7:08 PM  

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