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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Clay & Kelly

It sucks to like them both!

On the season 6 American Idol final Clive Davis gave his "report card" speech leading up to presenting Carrie Underwood with a 6x platinum plaque. In the process he managed to insult Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee, Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard.

First he pimped Daughtry over Taylor and Kat, the winner and runner up. Ouch!

Then he forgets that he forced a covers album on Clay with this statement:
"Now contrary to popular belief, that's really what album sales are all about - new hit songs." Guess that explains why Clay's last album sales weren't quite what we expected to see.

He gets a dig in at both Clay and Kelly with this comment:
"then those professional songwriters, this time from Nashville, wrote truly great songs". Clay because he had new songs by Nashville writers that Clive didn't think were good enough and Kelly because she's written all the songs on her new album.

It almost comes across as a dig at Carrie because while he says she's a wonderful talent, it's the songwriters he's giving all the credit to.

Finally Ruben. Not even mentioned. Hello - he was one of the winners.

Now I'll tell you why it sucks to like both Clay and Kelly. I've watched a few very vocal Kelly fans bash Clay for quite some time. They've used the likes of Perez Hilton as a source for their negative Clay comments. Now that Hilton has turned on Kelly, he's suddenly nothing more than a sleazy gossip monger whose word can't be taken seriously. The shoe is now on the other foot and the Kelly fans aren't liking it one bit. They got all over Clay for the covers album Clive mandated and trashed it and him on every Internet site they could find. They have ignored the fact that the first single wasn't released till the day the album dropped or that there was minimal promotion done for the album. I won't even get into the BS about why Clay and Kelly's singles have not done well because I'll just get myself angry.

I now see some vocal Clay fans spinning this Kelly/Clive dispute about her new album into nothing more than a pr stunt. No way could Kelly be facing problems with her album like Clay did with his. Bull!!! Just because it got out into the public doesn't mean it's not a real dispute. And since it is out in the public that her pr team won't take advantage of that fact. If you look at the photos of Kelly from back in January when she was in NY meeting with the label you can see she's not happy. The girl busted her butt to get the album finished for a February release and Clive sat on it.

The same vocal Kelly fans are spinning this whole dispute to make subtle insinuations that Kelly is better than Clay because she stood up to the label and Clay didn't. Never mind that they are two different personalities and while Clay keeps things close to the chest Kelly is the more outgoing and verbal one.

It sucks too that you cannot mention Clay on a Kelly message board or Kelly on a Clay message board without fueling the flames of fan wars. Sometimes it would be nice to just have an honest intelligent discussion about both of them.

... I will not put through any comments that bash either one.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Clay Aiken & 120 million kids

"There are 120 million kids in the world
who right now don't go to school.
Who have no education -
who have no access to education."
~ Clay Aiken ~

Graphic by ACA

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