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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clay's Hands

...where they've been

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I don't know where your hands have been honey
- Kelly Ripa to Clay Aiken

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Tyra Banks: One Classy Lady

After watching Monday's (Nov. 20) triade against Clay Aiken by the Ripa-Crit, how refreshing to watch a host demonstrate how a show should be done. Trya is one classy lady and treats every one of her guests with respect, even the ones I've seen be downright venomous towards her.

If you watched her interview with Clay on November 22nd you heard him tell her he had cleared her set of nuts because of his allergy. Now she could have gone all divaish and had a hissy fit but she didn't. She turned his allergies into a comic routine that had everyone laughing. Trya - you go girl.

More clips of Trya's interview with Clay are on YouTube here.

On the subject of where Clay's hands have been, one fan had this to say.

Where the Hand Has Been
In response to Kelly Ripa’s comments that she doesn’t know where Clay’s Hand has been, I may be able to address that issue and hopefully eliminate any of her fears. You see, I am a student of that Hand. I’ve made it my point to learn where it has been in the past, where it may be at any given time of the day, month or year and to speculate where it may be going from this point forward. No, I am not a stalker; just a fan.

I have learned that from the time Clay was a baby, that Hand (like the Hands of most children) has been held firmly by his mother. I am sure there were times as a youngster when he may have felt he was giving her as much in comfort as she was in guiding him since a single mother often only has the touch of her child to remind her of love. From early on, the Hand was reminded to join with the other Hand as he knelt in prayer. Faith is an important part of the Hand’s life, you see.

The young adult Hand didn’t go many of the places the Hands of many of the places adolescents seem to go these days. It wasn’t seen rolling a doobie, drinking with friends, hanging with a gang or falling prey to unfortunate peer pressure. Rather, it was living a good life in a relatively small town where it learned the importance of family, education and service, most often at the YMCA where he worked and volunteered. At that time, the Hand was introduced to the Hands of a young man whose disabilities would lead Clay to an important goal in his life, working to insure educational and societal opportunities for children who otherwise would be misunderstood or lost along the way. Decency and Service are also dominant factors in the life of the Hand.

From that point on, the life of the Hand seemed to take on a life of its own. Once the beauty and the voice of the man were exposed to an audience much larger than the one in his hometown, it didn’t take long for the Hand of the son, student and community leader to realize that he had been given a special gift from God. The Hand has been wrapped around a microphone in recording studios and concerts to entertain and bring joy into the lives of his fans. The Hand has been seen making a sweeping gesture at those times to bring to the forefront back-up singers, band members and even members of his audience. Sharing; yes, that is another element of the Hand’s existence.

But this is not an ordinary Hand. Having accomplished fame for his talents was not enough. Now, the Hand was put to Clay’s purposes in life, the first of which being the establishment of TBAF to raise awareness for children with educational disadvantages and to promote inclusion of them in areas of life most of us take or granted. The Hand was seen at countless telethons and fundraisers for charities other than his own. It went to Capitol Hill a couple of times to speak before our nation’s leaders about the importance of medical research for a cure for autism and the enactment of laws to protect the rights of children who are disabled to the same quality educations as those without disabilities. Whenever there was a time of disaster, you could count on the Hand to be there to assist as a UNICEF ambassador to analyze report on the devastation of a village in Banda Aceh as the result of a tsunami or the needs of a child in Uganda left homeless, hungry and in peril due to the ravages of war. Service takes a major role in the life of the Hand.

So you really don’t need to worry about where the Hand has been. It has been and no doubt will continue to go wherever a good Hand is needed. Even at its early age, it has gone places and accomplished deeds that boggle the mind of this older woman. I have little doubt the Hand will travel to many more places during its lifetime, to entertain, to teach, to observe and to promote. The Hand is placed firmly in the Hand of a greater being. It seldom makes a decision without first going there for advice and guidance. That comforts me, as it should Ms. Ripa. It gives me no reason to worry about where the Hand has been but much to anticipate as to where it is going. .... Cincy15

More about Clay's hands at the ConCLAYve blog.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Do As I Say!

Not as I do!

Question: Did Kelly ripa Regis for this?

Question: Where has this hand been?

Answer: Here!


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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Clay Aiken - UNICEF Ambassador

Last night, in New York City, the UNICEF Snowflake, designed by Ingo Maurer with 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms, was lit by Clay.

Clay's fan message boards are filled with photos and first hand accounts of the lighting ceremony. One of the sweetest photos I saw was of Clay holding up this little girl and showing her the snowflake.

One of the attendees got to speak with a UNICEF representative that was there. Here are her words:

"Back from NY and I guess I don't have to tell you how gorgeous he looked, I am overwhelmed. Bowledover and I talking to the UNICEF Rep, he was actually the IT man, he said Clay is a very nice, very dedicated to UNICEF, very humble who you see is who he is, he also said that UNICEF has turned down celebritys because they didn't think they would be good models for their organization they are very above board and everyones background is extensively checked and the one thing that he said I didn't want to be put on the boards but after thinking about it there isn't any reason not to, he said that the things that are done to him are despicable, he told us a cute story about trying to transfer Clays manifest from Indonesia from Clays Mac to his and didn't know how to do it so Clay was nice enough help him in the transfer, he said here I am the IT guy and I couldn't do it, he was the nicest man, Clay is very much respected at UNICEF and that he is very popular his celebrity site has the most hits, he also told us that the snowflake has 16,000 crystals and that it took ten hours to put it up and that is very very big, it is beautiful

In closing, what this nice gentleman said tonight about Clay made my whole year, I never ever doubted Clay about anything and this man has just proved to me what I knew all along."

NOTE: IT stands for Information Technology. It's the current designation for those working in computer departments. The IT people are the ones who know everything that is happening in their offices. They have to be kept in the loop in order to do their jobs properly.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Topic du jour

Clay's hair!

Everyone is wondering what style it will be on Regis and Kelly. Want to take a guess? Or just say what your favorite is?

This is my favorite. Not too short. Not too long. Not too dark.
Doesn't hide those beautiful green eyes.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Use Your Voice

Cyberspace libel and defamation are hiding under the guise of freedom of speech. Create lies, post them to a blog and transmit them worldwide with the click of a button. Cyber stalking? Cyber harrassment? Had enough? Use your voice. Let your senators and congressmen know you want it stopped.

To contact your Representative

Find your Senator

State Government Web Sites

Saturday, November 04, 2006


First off, thanks to my friend (who knows who they are) for reminding me of how the National Enquirer gets stories. It ain't pretty, but very informative.

Alan Butterfield is a reporter for the National Enquirer - yes, the supermarket tabloid - and is the one who "broke" the gay sex-ring story about Ed Smart and several of his brothers. (Ed Smart is the devoutly Mormon father of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart.) The story was based on information obtained from unnamed sources. Later it became known that some unnamed sources were paid $10,000 each. In the end, the information proved to be false and two reporters, Kevin Cantera and Michael Vigh of The Salt Lake Tribune, were fired due to their involvement in the fiasco."

Full story is here: Salt Lake Blues

When I hear that $10,000.00 has been offered to any man who will come forward with a story about a gay encounter with a celebrity it does make me suspect the motives of those making the offer along with the veracity of what ever gets printed. When you add in the fact that the offer was made on a hate blog it becomes even more suspect.

Paying for bogus stories is not ethical journalism.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Karma - gotta luv her

And she's about to pay a visit to Perez Hilton.

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