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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Taking a Stand

Clay Aiken tells Lara Spencer on the Insider the stories about him are "outrageous and fabricated". "Even though stuff about me that I read in the magazines isn't true, it still makes me … lose sleep," he tells Diane Sawyer. "I've gotten to a point now where I, A., am tired of trying, and B., I feel it's kind of invasive, you know?" He tells People magazine the web cam photos the tabloid printed are not him.

People Magazine Oct 2, 2006 "...people who are with me, people who know me best, even fans, they know, you know, who I am. They know what's true.... I've discovered it doesn't matter what I say. People are going to believe what they want...I could try and go on the defensive and attack back or I could leave it alone. I think certain people and certain magazines have gotten enough publicity. I have always been told to let the negative stuff fall away... I don't like having crap spread about me to everybody. But I've kind of unfortunately come to know that it's part of what I'm doing."

He said he already answered the question and he's finished with it. You either believe him or you don't.

Clay Aiken is right. A stroll around certain message boards and blogs in the last 24 hours has proved that. Those who believed what he said back in 2003 in Rolling Stone and to Diane Sawyer still believe him.

Rolling Stone – 07/10/03:
Some people, for example, seem to think that because he is slender, has long, fluttering eyelashes, and currently doesn’t have a girlfriend, he must be gay. ...This kind of stuff seems to amuse Aiken more than it upsets him.
"One thing I’ve found of people in the public eye," Aiken says, "either you’re a womanizer or you’ve got to be gay. Since I'm neither one of those, people are completely concerned about me. They’re like, 'What are you then?' I’m sure it has to do with being raised by women. I wouldn’t want somebody gawking at my mom and grabbing her butt and catcalling at her, trying to hook up with her at a bar. I’m not saying I’m not going to look. Hello! But you know what I mean?"

Prime Time Live with Diane Sawyer - 10/09/03
Diane: In Rolling Stone he hinted he’s a virgin and denied what’s asked him over and over again. Is he gay? He says no.
Clay: "Somebody asked it right after the finale of the show, in the press conference with Ruben and I. I think the problem is people don’t know who...what to do with me. They don’t know anything about me. I’m not completely blind and stupid. I’ve got a southern accent which people say is...uh..."
Diane: All southern people are gay...
Clay: "Well, that and English people, too."
Diane: Oh, well that...I mean...
Clay: "I have some very effeminate qualities, you know, I try to make sure I’m clean. I was raised by my mom and my two grandmothers really for a long time. I’m not completely blind to it. I...I have gotten used to people asking the question. They think, ok, he doesn’t drink; he doesn’t go out and have sex with...with every woman that he sees. I think it’s high time there’s somebody who represents people who aren’t gay, but doesn’t sleep around with know. If I’m supposed to carry the banner for all the nerds in the world I’m fine with that, too, so..."

GMA - Diane Sawyer 9/23/06
"For a long time you want to let everybody be a part of your know what , this is ridiculous, it doesn't matter what you say, certain people are gonna believe this, certain people are gonna believe that....I'm just not commenting anymore there's no point, I've answered before. I feel like a kid who is in trouble in school and is called in, did you do this? did you cheat on that test? and, of course no, but it doesn't matter what you say."

Clay taking a stand doesn't sit well with his non-believers, the gay gossip queens and the Clay haters. They are insisting he's lied. They are still trying to convince the rest of us they are right, and Clay and those of us who believe him are wrong. That Clay hasn't come to terms with who he really is. That he's lying to himself and to his family, friends and fans. Why? Because the non-believers and gossip queens know Clay better than he knows himself.

Ironic isn't it that the same ones pushing for Clay to be gay are making that seem like it's a bad thing while they accuse those of us who believe him when he says he isn't of being the homophobic ones.

Clay, you were so right to say enough is enough. Bravo!


Blogger Jo said...

And Bravo to you Truth for this blog! Pretty much says it all doesn't it?

September 22, 2006 1:49 PM  
Blogger Oh Crap said...

Thank you for saying what we all feel. Enough is enough! He's sick of it and we're sick of it.

And is it just me or is Clay looking 10 feet tall this week? Is it possible for the most gorgeous man on Earth to have gotten even better looking?

September 22, 2006 2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Clay is looking 10 feet tall this week - I am so very proud of him!

I think, in his smart, snarky way he has effectively given the haters a greeting with his middle finger.

September 23, 2006 1:07 AM  
Blogger WRU said...

Amen to all said here!

Kick butt Clay!

Thanks for saying what needed to be said!


September 23, 2006 8:18 PM  
Blogger bavarianstar said...

I know it seems that without saying much at all Clay has all but told them- Not true, not me- Not worth my time- Have fun talking- think what you want- I don't care anymore- All lies- they are all lies about him. Truth always wins and Clay wins

You go Clay- Rock on Handsome!

September 25, 2006 12:51 AM  

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