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Monday, May 26, 2008

Clay Aiken - "Everything I Don't Need"

The one song on Clay Aiken's new album that I keep playing over and over is "Everything I Don't Need". Written by Kipper (the album producer) it's got a jazzy bluesy feel to it.

The opening drums makes me think of knocking someones head to get their attention. I've gone to bed angry a few times, mulling over and over whatever incident made me angry, and it's kept me from falling asleep. So yeah, I can relate to the lyrics. I think we've all known people who yank our chains, or as the lyric says "ring my bell".

"I tried so hard to get who you are, but there's no way I understand what you do" applys to a few people I've run across. I just don't get what they do. Not only can I relate to this song but without rehashing old news I can see why Clay chose it.

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